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Batteries lubrifiants lubalux varta wolf

The power of a global player on a local scale 

✔ Direct access to + 10 000 references

✔ Free Express delivery to Luxembourg 

✔ Technical support  by experts

Batteries and lubricants specialist for all applications




Chargers Boosters

Dry Cells

Lubalux : Your local expert
logo Lubalux

  Your local expert  

Extensive references

Direct access to more than 10 000 references.

Auto, moto, trucks, sports, leisure, vintage cars. A wide range of references at your disposal, from the most common to the most specific ones. Ask us for anything, we're quite sure to have it !


Thanks to our stocks based in Sarreguemines and Luxembourg, we are able to promptly meet your needs in a very short time.

Indeed, our references are available within less than 2-hour driving from Luxembourg 


As real experts, our staff will provide technical support to professionals and individuals, Don't know which model to chose or having troubles with installation? We're here for that !

Lubalux by Lubatex Group

A global leader operating in Luxembourg


Lubalux benefits from the experience and strong ressources of Lubatex Group, an international company with several offices around the globe. Based in Luxembourg, Lubatex Group has establsihed itself as a leader in the trading of batteries and lubricants on the MEA market.

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

The widest range of batteries available in Luxembourg

batterie Varta

The best technology

Exclusively made in Europe by the global leader

100% Maintenance Free


Meeting all types of vehicle requirements: start & stop AGM, EFB… 

Original Equipment matching quality 

auto moto PL poid lourd bateau golf tracteur

Our brands

batterie Varta
batterie Bluestorm
batterie Optima
batterie Bluestorm
batterie Optima
batterie Varta
batterie Optima



High-quality manufacturing


Exclusively manufactured in Belgium by experts, all Wolf products meet ISO and OEM requirements

lubrifiant Wolf bidon baril

Technologically improved, these lubricants optimize engines functioning to make them faster, cleaner and more eco-friendly.

The wide range helps to match all vehicle categories and technologies with an accurate technicity for every need:

  • Agriculture

  • Marine

  • Industry

  • Greases


  • Moto, auto and heavy duty engines

  • Transmission

  • Braking

  • Maintenance​

bidon lubrifiant Wolf
bidon lubrifiant Wolf
bidon lubrifiant Wolf
bidon lubrifiant Wolf
bidon lubrifiant Wolf
bidon lubrifiant Wolf

 Testers - Boosters - Chargers  

Testers - Boosters - Chargers

As a battery expert, Lubalux also offers a full range of complementary products from specialized well-known brands.

Our selection of products meeting your needs include:

  • Voltmeters

  • Testers

  • Chargers

  • Boosters

  • Adapters and other accessories

chargeur midtronics
voltmetre testeur midtronics
chargeur booster noco genius

A wide range of complementary products 

Telwin logo
noco genius logo
dhc logo
enertec logo
clas logo
midtronics logo

Dry Cells

Dry Cells

As an energy storage specialist, Lubalux offers you with an exhaustive range of Varta dry cells:


  • Regular dry cells

  • Rechargeable dry cells

  • Specific batteries (electronic, watches…)

  • Dry cell chargers 

A dedicated offer of VARTA dry cells

pile varta AA
pile varta AAA



13, avenue du Bois 

L-1251 Luxembourg 

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